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Summer Reset Challenge Day #1 Chapter 1 The Compound Effect in Action Completed!

I have actually read The Compound Effect Before but I listen to Darren Daily every day because I am on that email list.

Over two weeks ago he was talking about how people seem to slow down with building their businesses during the summer for one reason or the other.

He introduced the Summer Reset Challenge to help people hit the reset button and accelerate their businesses and be the exception when everyone else is slowing down.

We are reading a chapter a day for 6 days in The Compound Effect and posting a picture with our key takeaways in the Facebook group.

The first chapter is titled The Compound Effect in Action.

There are so many nuggets in this chapter but the biggest one for me was about developing a work ethic like that of our grandparents. That reminded me of a story my Dad was telling me just the other day.

His family owned a grocery store here in our town. It was run by his father and uncle until they passed away then his Mom, my grandmother and his aunt ran it until they retired.

On one particularly cold and snowy day, my great aunt who only learned to drive after her husband passed away and my grandmother had to get to the store. They lived on the north end of town and the store was a few miles away near the downtown area. My great aunt drove and they were able to only get as close as a few blocks away and had to park the car and walk the rest of the way. My grandmother was running a temperature of over 100 degrees because she had a really bad cold and went to work anyway. There were times when they stayed over night in the store during the holidays so that they could be there to fill orders early in the morning. They just slept sitting up in chairs in the back room. Clearly a #NoExcuses work ethic that I haven’t ever come close to. I am ashamed to say.

Another thing I found interesting is that The Compound Effect can also work in a negative way. So that small bad habits repeated over time can make a mess of our lives just like small good habits repeated over time can eventually have a really good impact on our lives. Makes sense though.

Looking forward to digging in to Chapter 2 tomorrow. The title of that chapter is Choices.

Should be interesting.

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