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Starting The Road to 10K CTP from (Almost) Zero!

Reading Chapter 5 of The Compound Effect — Influences

Today is Day 5 of the #SummerReset Challenge from Darren Hardy.

The title for chapter 5 which we read today is Influences.

This chapter discusses in detail the three types of influences that affect everyone.

They are:

Input which is what you feed your mind.

Put yourself on a media diet and turn your car into a university.

Only read news that will enhance your interests and help you achieve your goals.

Associations, the people with whom you spend time.

Make sure that you aren’t spending three hours with a three minute friend.

The people with whom you associate should be those who will lift you up and care enough to be brutally honest with you to help you grow as a person

Environment, your surroundings. Make sure that what surrounds you is positive and will promote your success and efforts.

So many nuggets in this chapter! Those were just the three main points.

About that Road to 10K CTP Journey….

Last night I was watching this week’s installment of Jon Olson’s vlogging series titled The Road to 10K CTP.

Here is the link to the original post:

Every Wednesday night Jon answers questions and comments from the previous week’s posts with the goal of helping newcomers to the Click Track Profit tribe earn their first 10,000 CTP staked tokens.

I started this journey a couple of years ago with my original account on CTPtalk, @lisamgentile1961 and I am up to

Recently I decided that I want to build the My1440 brand on the blockchain.

So last Sunday when I was talking to @jongolson for my monthly coaching call he suggested that I start an account on Hive for My1440 to build a community for time management and personal development.

That is what I did and today I delegated some more of my staked Hive tokens to go along with the CTP tokens that I already delegated to this account from my first account. The delegations will make it so that I can upvote and curate and comment on posts and grow the @my1440 account and build my brand here.

I have already hit a couple of bumps in the road on this new journey. I am working on getting them resolved now.

I want to use this account to do live streams on However logging in with Hivesigner is giving me challenges for some reason. For now I will go live on with my other account and just upload the recorded videos to 3Speak and when I do that, I will not push these posts out to the blockchain using the EXXP plugin so I don’t have duplicate content. That’s frowned upon.

My first goal for @my1440 is to get to 100 staked CTP of my own earned tokens. That shouldn’t be terribly difficult to accomplish. I didn’t grow my @lisamgentile1961 account overnight and this one will be the same way. I am here for the long haul.

Have a great Friday!

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