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Organizing My Tasks and Calendar Day to Day!

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!
I am creating this video to answer a question from @jongolson in his CTPCHAT post on CTPtalk for today!
Here is a link to Jon’s post:

His question for today’s chat post asks what we do each Monday to prepare ourselves for the week ahead.

In all honesty that isn’t what I do. I use my Simpleololgy Start My Day tool to brainstorm things I will need to get done for the day including appointments for my Dad and household stuff and business tasks.

The change I have made is that I do the Morning Brainstorm the night before to be ready to start the next day!

I use the free version of Simpleology because at this point is has all the functionality I really need. There is a feature for upgraded members called Recurring Tasks. It stores a list of tasks you need to complete more than once. You can just add them to the morning brainstorm from that list in the program. I just copied those tasks onto a Google document and I copy and paste them from there. It doesn’t really take any longer.

I have been using the Start My Day feature consistently for just over 2 years now. 737 Days to be exact.

Not too long ago I bought the book Simpleology by Mark Joyner from Amazon. It is next on my reading list

Simpleology The Simple Science of Getting What You Want!

Have a great night and see you again real soon!

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