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Projects I am Working on Now!

This video was recorded and uploaded to another account I have on the Hive Blockchain. The username is @lisamgentile1961. As of this evening I am able to use the @my1440 account with and 3Speak.

I learned that I was using the wrong private key to log in to Hivesigner which is what I have to use to login and authorize and 3Speak. This issue had been going on for a week or so and I am very pleased that it is finally resolved.

Back to the topic of this post.

Today on his CTPCHAT post for July 21st, @jonolson asked us to share on the blockchain what we are working on right now!

Jon G Olson’s CTPCHAT Post for today, July 21, 2021

This morning, with the help of @slackerman, @blainjones, and @elianaicgomes, who are some of my friends and mentors in the CTP Tribe, I was able to fix an error on a link in my safelist emails for List Nerds that was causing my lead capture page to not show up correctly.

Steven shared the error with me, Eliana and Blain pointed out that the error was in the html coding and Blain also showed me how to fix the coding so that the page would show up correctly and how to fix the spacing in the letters.
Now I have fixed all of them and they look much better than they did.

I am also working on an ebook lead magnet!
This afternoon I was playing around on Canva with a Title and cover image.
I will be sending an email out to my list for the My 1440 project with a survey so that they can vote on the title.

Tonight is our Wednesday night Click Track Profit Inner Circle Mastermind session.
I always look forward to them.

Have a great day and See you Again Soon!

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