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My 1440 Interview with Eliana Gomes on 12/03/2020

I did this interview with Eliana Gomes, @elianaicgomes, on December 3rd of 2020. Eliana is a great friend and mentor to me and an Awesome Leader in the CTP Community. She is the owner of the CTP Blueprint and the Customer Support go to person for Click Track Profit.

The CTP Blueprint for those of you who are not familiar with it, is a the guide to all the lessons in the back office of Click Track Profit. Eliana created it to help new members of Click Track Profit focus on a starting point and guide them step by step. A the time of this interview she had just celebrated 6 months or her Halfversary as the owner of the Blueprint.

Eliana is a Mompreneur and prioritizes spending time with and being present for her soon to be 3 year old son. This sometimes means she has to sacrifice time sleeping at night to get her marketing tasks done which is what she chooses to do. She is also a massage therapist which helps her pursue another passion of helping people feel better and relaxed.

If you’re new to Click Track Profit and confused about finding your way around or just need to revisit the lessons in an orderly way you should check out the CTP Blueprint. It’s free to join and has a printable guide that you can download as well.

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