Author: Lisa Gentile

  • The My1440 Interviews Audio Versions

    I have started the My1440 interviews again. The first new one took place on 6/30/2022 with Chris Scicluna, @mba2020 on Hive. He shared his online business journey which had him starting on Ebay selling items around his home. He is still a reseller but he is also a content creator on the Hive blockchain. Listen […]

  • Time for the #My1440Mug Wheel Spin

    This coming Sunday is August 15th so I will be doing another spin of the wheel to see who will win a #My1440Mug this month. I will do it as a livestream on the my1440 channel on at 4:00 p.m. EST Last night on Thursday Night Live, @jongolson announced a new challenge. It is […]

  • My 1440 Interview with Rob Gehring Recorded on 12/04/2020

    This interview with Rob Gehring, @ghcamry was recorded on 12/4/2020 and this post originally appeared on my @lisamgentile1961 account on the Hive blockchain. Rob is the owner of the Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer and the Massive Success Funnel. He also hosts his Online Marketing Mastery webinar on Wednesday nights @ 8 p.m. EST Check […]

  • My 1440 Interview with Eliana Gomes on 12/03/2020

    I did this interview with Eliana Gomes, @elianaicgomes, on December 3rd of 2020. Eliana is a great friend and mentor to me and an Awesome Leader in the CTP Community. She is the owner of the CTP Blueprint and the Customer Support go to person for Click Track Profit. The CTP Blueprint for those of […]

  • Projects I am Working on Now!

    This video was recorded and uploaded to another account I have on the Hive Blockchain. The username is @lisamgentile1961. As of this evening I am able to use the @my1440 account with and 3Speak. I learned that I was using the wrong private key to log in to Hivesigner which is what I have […]

  • Organizing My Tasks and Calendar Day to Day!

    Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!I am creating this video to answer a question from @jongolson in his CTPCHAT post on CTPtalk for today!Here is a link to Jon’s post: His question for today’s chat post asks what we do each Monday to prepare ourselves for the week ahead. In all honesty that isn’t what I […]

  • Doing the Little Bit Extra to Get Better Results Faster — #SumerReset Challenge Day 6 — The Compound Effect Chapter 6 Acceleration!

    Today is the 6th and final day of the #SummerReset Challenge by Darren Hardy. So, we read the 6th and final chapter of The Compound Effect titled Acceleration. It’s a fun chapter with all kinds of great and inspiring stories about people doing way more than what is expected of them and in turn getting […]

  • Starting The Road to 10K CTP from (Almost) Zero!

    Today is Day 5 of the #SummerReset Challenge from Darren Hardy. The title for chapter 5 which we read today is Influences. This chapter discusses in detail the three types of influences that affect everyone. They are: Input which is what you feed your mind. Put yourself on a media diet and turn your car […]

  • A Solid Routine of Positive Habits + Consistency=Momentum In Your Life Making You Unstoppable!

    Today is Day 4 of the #SummerReset Challenge where we read Chapter 4 of The Compound Effect! As you may have guessed by now the title of the chapter is Momentum! Did you ever notice how hard it is to get moving again when you have been sitting around doing nothing for a long time? […]

  • An Enemy Can Light Your Fire to Reach Your Goals!

    Today is Day 3 of the #SummerRest Challenge by Darren Hardy! Halfway through the 6 chapters of The Compound Effect in 6 days, we are reading Chapter 3 today which is titled Habits. Here is a link to my post on PeakD with my video talking about my favorite section of the chapter Find your […]