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#My1440Mug Shots

Rob Willmann whose photo is at the top is the one who gave me the idea to add this page to my website!

He also bought his mug as soon as I put them up for sale!

Rosyel Sawali is the next person on this page. She won the wheel spin in April 2021 and her mug went all the way to Manila in the Philippines.

Mike Dell won his #My1440Mug in a random test drawing I did on my live dashboard about a week ago.

These are the people who have joined my list and have either won or bought a My1440 mug and sent me a selfie with their mug when it arrived in the mail!

I have also had the pleasure of interviewing Rob, Rosyel and Mike. Their names under their “mug shots” are links to their interviews on Hive!

Jimmy Adames
Chris Scicluna
Stephen Whittle