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Summer Reset Challenge Day 2 Chapter 2 of The Compound Effect — Choices

There was so much in this chapter that resonated with me that it was hard to pick out just one or two takeaways.

It is very liberating to think about owning my choices 100 percent. I never like feeling like a victim. It makes me feel like had no control or influence over my life at all. That is not the greatest feeling.

There are several things in my life that I do wish that I would have handled very differently.

Doing more due diligence when I was looking into going back to school to finish my degrees.

Looking harder at a business opportunity or two or three before I got involved with them.

One of the sections in the chapter is titled Elephants Don’t Bite. You can see the big bad things coming from a mile away and avoid them. It’s the little things that will cause you problems because they are so small that it will take too much time to figure out what the heck happened .

Darren tells a story about early in his career when he was making really good money and wasn’t paying any attention to what he was spending and on what. It came to tax time and he owed 100, 000 dollars and didn’t have the money to pay it. He was making all this money and had no idea where it went. His accountant made him track every expense in a notebook. He had to write down everything he spent money on and what it cost for 30 days. The result of that exercise was to make him very aware of his spending behaviors.

That is the short version of his story.

Now I have to pick a behavior that has control over me and track it for one week but thoroughly. And then after the first week I have to track it for two more weeks. I haven’t picked one yet. That will be challenging for me. I have a few to pick from and I don’t know which one I am going to choose. Yes, I am overthinking it.

Tomorrow we are reading Chapter 3 titled Habits. See you then!

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