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Doing the Little Bit Extra to Get Better Results Faster — #SumerReset Challenge Day 6 — The Compound Effect Chapter 6 Acceleration!

The Compound Effect Chapter 6 Acceleration

Today is the 6th and final day of the #SummerReset Challenge by Darren Hardy. So, we read the 6th and final chapter of The Compound Effect titled Acceleration.

It’s a fun chapter with all kinds of great and inspiring stories about people doing way more than what is expected of them and in turn getting much greater results more quickly. The surprising aspect of this is that it takes very little extra effort to multiply your results.

While I was reading this chapter I was thinking about being the Purple Cow. Standing out from the ordinary and doing a little extra and being extraordinary. Doing what’s not popular. Doin g the Unexpected and More than Expected. That is how you get past the crowd by doing what everyone else will not do. When it’s not comfortable and easy that is when other people will stop. But what it really is is an opportunity to sail past them.

I Almost Chose to Not Read the Last Chapter today and Just Finish the Book Tomorrow!

Glad I decided to let Almost get in the way. I was busy this morning with other personal things going on.

Nothing bad or earth shattering. Just getting ready for a Memorial Event I was attending with my Dad and sister.

It was for a family friend who passed away and we grew up with their kids and hadn’t seen them in a very long time. So it was a reconnection of sorts too. Got home from that and walked over to the Aldi store up the block to get some salad stuff for dinner. The whole time I was thinking about just taking the whole day off.

Instead I made a different choice. I was thinking about what I would have been doing had I chosen to not invest the time and finish reading the book and doing a post. Not much to be honest. Just sitting around. Which would have been okay, except I would not have enjoyed it as much because I would have been thinking about not sticking to my commitment and knowing that would have bothered me. ALOT!

This is a bit of a shorter post than yesterday. I am going to take the evening off. Just didn’t want to blow off the whole day. I did do something a little different because it’s nice out today. Not to hot and no jerks with wings flying around. I was able to sit out on the balcony and read with all the nice natural light. Being able to do that made it seem like I was taking a little mini vacation.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

See you back here on Monday!

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